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Temptrol is a state certified, licensed, insured and bonded mechanical contracting company incorporated in the State of Florida since January 1983. We are specialized in commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration. We are also a factory authorized service agency for Dunham-Bush rotary screw machines in South Florida. We provide preventive maintenance, service and repairs, installations, retrofits, replacements and new construction within the government and private sector of our industry.

Temptrol's principals, consultants, and mechanical staff represent a wealth of experience in this field. Service, repairs and replacements are our specialty and makes up a large portion of our yearly sales. Our commercial service range currently extends from Key West to Boca Raton, or wherever our customer needs may take us, such as services we have performed from Cape Kennedy to Naples, The Panama Canal (Pa) and other parts of the Caribbean.

Our Dispatcher maintains services from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday, 52 weeks a year, and can immediately dispatch or divert our technicians upon demand. Our company operates on a 24/7 on-call service response to customer. Contract customers are given priority service with extra care to contract clauses stipulating response time.

Our location gives us easy access to inventory replenishment of our trucks, access to shop stock, as well as access to specialty tools and equipment. Another advantage of our site is the vicinity of our supplier, which is literally down the street from our centrally located office. Temptrol has a vast access to all types of equipment that enables our staff to provide the quickest and most cost efficient approach to deal with inoperable repairs exceeding 24 hours.

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We have extensive experience in maintaining, servicing, repairing and installing all types of HVAC/R equipment and systems, to include but not limited to chillers, cooling towers, pumps, heat exchangers, package units, DX split systems, VRF's, MRI cooling chillers, control systems, ductwork, air distribution and refrigeration equipment. We have the capabilities to tactical projects of every size and type.

The goal of our business is to provide for the needs of our customers and maintain a long lasting service relationship, the testimony of a satisfied customer. Predicting our capacity to supply for the customer's needs, as much as possible, is done through the provisions of service contracts. Through this method, we can determine our manpower needs, inventory requirements and business systems platforms. The customer's benefits stem from the coverage provided, which include.

• Lower ownership and operating cost

• Budget control

• Investment protection

• Extended equipment life

• Reliable system operation

• Reduce energy consumption

• Peace of mind

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Our company's goal with the new service contract is to obtain the condition of the system in an efficient state and, through proper maintenance, return it to the manufacturer's rated efficiency. The consistency of the PM program keeps the system that way. This is accomplished by following systematic procedures, which include contract management, scheduling, purchasing, and dispatching by office personnel. This assistance joined with the technical hands on expertise of the field personnel and the overall supervision of the service manager. Through regular scheduled maintenance intervals, which include equipment inventory, automatic temperature controls, air filters, etc. Provisions for emergency service calls, parts and component replacement, are stated for clarity and expediency. This procedural groundwork is essential for the system to provide the service to the customer at the crucial time.

We are aware that the ability of a customer to trust our company is eminent in order to maintain a long-term working relationship. This is our commitment and moto,

Service is what we sell,

Peace of mind is what you buy.

Our capacity to meet our commitment is evident by our past history in this respect. We have serviced both private and governmental customers on a repeated basis.

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